The Mystery

The Mystery

I guess every family has there little mysteries. While this one may not be worth a best selling novel, it is one I know we will never be able to solve.  It involves my father’s dog tags.

My dad was drafted right after WWII ended.  He served most of his time at Fort Bragg and Fort McClellan, Alabama.  After his service he came home to start a family and began his career as a carpenter and farmer.

We now move forward to sometime I think in the 1980’s when dad received a phone call one night from a lady that lived in the community.  Her husband had passed away and she was going through some of his things.  In a box she found and set of dog tags.  Dad remembered his serial number even though it had been 40 years since he was in the service.  He repeated it to the lady and confirmed they were his tags!  The lady got them to my dad.  He kept them on a dish on the coffee table after that.

While my dad did know the man, he had no idea how he came to be in possession of his dogs.  Every once in awhile dad would see them and comment on how he could not figure out how he wound up with them.

I guess we all have some mysteries in our lives, some great and some small.  I hope your may find answers to your mysteries.  Until later, have a nice day

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