The Mystery

I guess every family has there little mysteries. While this one may not be worth a best selling novel, it is one I know we will never be able to solve.  It involves my father’s dog tags. My dad was drafted right after WWII ended.  He served most of his time at Fort Bragg and…
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Black Walnuts

On some of my cousins land there are black walnut trees.  Black walnuts are a nuisance to some people.  They have a stronger taste than English walnuts that many people do not care for. They also are extremely hard to crack compared to other nuts.  They also tend to wear out lawnmower blades, which is…
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A couple of loads

One summer when I was growing up daddy was home one afternoon and did not have any plans.  This was not a good thing.  My dad was not one to just sit around.  Instead he would find something to do and many times it meant that I would have something to do also.  This particular time…
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Having milk on the farm

A few years ago there was a popular series of ads based on the question “Got Milk?”.  My thought was always “Yes!!”.  When I was growing up the milk cow was a basic staple of farm life.  This is a picture of my dad with the last milk cow that we owned.  Milking the cow…
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